Spatial Focus provides GIS consulting services worldwide to governments of all levels. We specialize in providing our clients with quality, vendor-independent services to assist them in reaching their goals.

Address Repository Development
We are the recognized leaders in the development of Master Address Repositories
Data Management & Quality
We are experienced GIS database design and development experts who can help you tackle your geospatial data
Strategic & Implementation Planning
We believe a good plan can are experienced in the development of various GIS plans for governments of all sizes
Business Process Improvement
We can help you document and review your work-flows and processes to ensure they are practical and productive
We love to share what we know and have developed a variety of ways we can support your GIS educational needs

Address Repository Development

Addresses are important to an area’s economy as citizens and local businesses rely on accurate addresses. Citizens navigate from one place to another to find friends, family or businesses, or to attend attractions and events. Businesses rely on accurate addresses to provide services, to get from place to place for deliveries, and for finding customers or new locations. Because of these factors it is important to have a single means of serving the needs of all of these groups. An address repository is a method of providing standardized data from a single central database for all address data for a city, county, state or country. Departments with business operations as diverse as Elections, Police, Fire, Building Permits & Inspections, Purchasing, Utility Billing and Health & Human Services all require up-to-date, valid, and accurate address lists or databases to cost-effectively complete their missions. Spatial Focus is a leader in the design, development and deployment of address repositories around the world and has experience developing repositories based on a wide range of client needs.
What Spatial Focus can Provide
  • An understanding of how important addresses are to communities and we are committed to delivering the best quality repository possible.
  • Success in repository projects at all levels of government around the world resulting in improvements in address quality and reliability. (Links to the Address Repository Development Projects Page)
  • A passion about addresses and a commitment to quality – let us help you with yours.

Data Management and Quality

Spatial Focus specializes in developing data structures that manage complex geographic data effectively, within our clients' organizational requirements. In creating a logical database design, our approach is to focus on maintenance, management, and spatial records integration, rather than simply data creation.Spatial Focus is a leader in the development of quality control processes for digital orthophotography, cadastral, planimetric, and topographic mapping.

Database Design & Management
GIS databases are increasingly complex, organized around spatial features. They link the graphic elements and features to literally hundreds of attributes stored in dozens of databases within the organization. Spatial records integration gives dimension to the objects on the maps, providing the most complete, accessible view of the data.

Data Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Quality is the key to any information system. A GIS constructed with poor quality or unchecked data is suspect and, frequently, little used. Maximizing return on information investments requires building quality assurance into the entire process. We offer a spectrum of quality control services to meet the needs of each individual client.

Strategic and Implementation Planning

Spatial Focus is a leader in GIS planning and management consulting services. Our leadership team has helped build many GIS systems from the ground-up and we have worked with many mature systems that have become unfocused or fragmented. Stressing solutions and work processes, we work within the institutional and organizational constraints, as well as the technical issues, to restore success. Whatever the need, from major development to minor renovations, Spatial Focus brings the right solutions.
We are vendor-independent; therefore, we can provide our clients with unbiased, high quality advice on a wide range of products and solutions. Our broad range of knowledge about the issues of implementing GIS within an organization provides us with the tools and technologies required to deliver cost-effective, practical plans for our clients. We deliver standards and specifications tailored to our clients' projects, and assists in managing the procurement process. We can assist in the day-to-day management of vendors and quality control teams. We can provide training and application support to assist our clients in maximizing their own efforts. Spatial Focus has the experienced team you need to help with your GIS planning and implementation.

System Specifications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Needs Analysis
  • Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Organizational Planning
  • Work Flow Re-engineering
    • Base Mapping Specifications
      • Geodetic Control
      • Photogrammetry
      • Planimetrics
      • Topography
      • Cadastral (property parcels)
    • Hardware and Software Specifications
    • Preparation of Requests for Proposal
    • Vendor Evaluation
    Spatial Records and Systems Integration
    Implementation Assistance
    • Title Registration systems integration with GIS/LIS
    • Internet/Intranet integration with GIS/LIS
    • E-911 integration with GIS/LIS
    • Enterprise integration of GIS in Service Oriented Architectures
    • Database design, connecting geographic information in existing and new systems
    • Address data standardization and development of Master Address Repository
    • Mapping and GIS/LIS System Contract Management
    • Quality Control Management and Assistance
    • Governing Documents for GIS/LIS Organizations
    • Funding and Cost Sharing Arrangements
    • Procedures Design and Testing
    • Project Management Support
    • Training and Support
    • Complete Project Management

    Business Process Improvement

    Often there is limited time or energy available to document and evaluate work processes to determine if they are working as planned. Spatial Focus has an experienced team able to interview, observe and document workflows and processes used to support your GIS teams and develop recommendations for changes and workflows that support an organization’s mission in a cost effective and efficient manner is a paramount to Spatial Focus. The Spatial Focus team is experienced with a wide variety of government processes and workflows, including planning and development, inspections, GIS, and addressing.

    Professional Development

    Spatial Focus is committed to sharing our experience and knowledge with others. Towards that end, we are involved in a number of training initatives.

    we are the authors of URISA workshops that are given throughout the year in conjunction with conferences or upon request. The Addressing workshop continues to be a popular and well-attended workshop whenever it is offered. The Open Source GIS workshop is gaining in popularity as more and more people and organizations look into open source solutions.
    Customized Training
    we often work with clients to develop training specific to their needs. We’ve recently developed an open source GIS course for several clients, in addition to our popular address training.
    Address Academy
    we are in the process of developing an Address Academy to provide in-depth addressing training on a regularly occurring basis.