Current and Past Projects

Current Projects

City of Delray Beach, Florida

City of Delray Beach has had an ongoing relationship with Spatial Focus since their first GIS Strategic Plan in 2001. Since that time GIS has evolved in the City, serving a variety of departments and requiring a follow-up Strategic Plan. Currently, Spatial Focus is engaged to assist the City with uniting the variety of data that has evolved over the years into a central database to serve the enterprise as a whole.

Dodge County, Wisconsin

Spatial Focus LLC was engaged to provide work flow improvements to existing processes. The improvements are intended to bring the county’s data closer to FGDC based database designs. Once completed the improvements should smooth the process of building a MAR to fit their environment.

Forsyth County, North Carolina

Spatial Focus LLC is working with Forsyth County to develop and implement a Master Address Repository (MAR). The effort began with a MAR Strategic Plan focused on deriving the greatest benefit from the project. Work flow improvements are a core part of the project, as well as providing a consistent platform for the county and local jurisdictions to share spatial data. As the process moves forward and the improved processes are implemented, continual quality control checks will aid in maintaining the value of the data. In addition to meeting day-to-day working requirements, the MAR is the key to working with State and Federal partners. Achieving an accurate 2020 Census, for example, begins with providing data from the MAR for the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA).

City of Raleigh, North Carolina

Spatial Focus LLC was initially retained in 2008 to assist the City of Raleigh in developing an Addressing Practices Manual to assist staff in making consistent address assignments, and in working with unusual addressing situations. This work was extended to the preparation of data for the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA), and the development of a Strategic Plan for Implementation of a Master Address Repository, and to assisting in re-engineering many addressing work flows with changing in the addressing staffing for the City. Starting in 2012 Spatial Focus worked to develop a high quality FGDC address data standard complaint MAR for the city and has created an Oracle database that accounts for every address. Raleigh received their data in 2014 and has been implementing it throughout their system. Spatial Focus continues to work with Raleigh to improve their data through annual quality checks of planometric data.

Wake County, North Carolina

Spatial Focus LLC has been retained to assist in the development of multi-jurisdictional Master Address Repository (MAR) that includes Wake County, City of Raleigh and other municipalities within the County. A focus on intergovernmental cooperation for this project follows a long history of these jurisdictions sharing resources and ideas to deliver better services at lower cost. The project leverages processes that are already in place for active data management. At the same time, workflow improvements made possible by the MAR are designed for maximum impact. Ongoing quality control has been built into the database to maintain the value of the data as it is maintained over the coming years.

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